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Spaghetti Flava x Break Mission 2019

EXTRABEAT in collaboration with BREAK MISSION and PATRONAGE OF MESAGNE, present:

"SPAGHETTI FLAVA, the Italian flavour of BREAK MISSION".

Spaghetti Flava was born from the idea of proposing Break Mission on the Italian territory not only by organizing the first European qualification of the famous Break Dance competition that takes place annually in Birmingham in the United Kingdom, but also by creating a day that becomes a point of reference and gathering for the community, created on the pleasure of being together and to share a bit of own spirit Hip-Hop as well as fruit of own genuineness. An opportunity for social interaction that sees the mixture of different cultures, traditions and disciplines with the advantage of sharing good memories with the community of Mesagne and its guests.

Break Mission is a UK registered community interest company, which organises Hip-Hop events with which it educates and brings people together to experience the cultural understanding of what the Hip-Hop community really is and want to raise public awareness of the situation of the homeless in our community through dance, music and art as a way to “give back” through donations of clothing and food as an entry fee to the events themselves.
It was created in 2012 by David Russell, also known as "Footloose" and Justin Lie, known as "JustRoc". The original concept of Break Mission was inspired by a Break Dance event held in the Bronx, New York, by Aby of The Bronx Boys, Rocking Crew 1975, which required no registration fee but food and clothing.




- 1vs1 Kids (under 18)
- 7 To Smoke (Open Qualifications)
- Crew vs Crew (max 5 members)


- 1°place Kids: Trophy from 'Favelas Street Wear' + Fly + Food + Accommodation + Workshops + Line up for Break Mission International 2020, United Kingdom.
In addition, the expenses for the accompaniment by an adult will be recognized

- 1°Place 7 To Smoke: Trophy from 'Favelas Street Wear' + Fly + Food + Accommodation + Line up for Break Mission International 2020, United Kingdom.

- 1°place Crew: Trophy from 'Favelas Street Wear' + Fly + Food + Accommodation + Line up for Break Mission International 2020, United Kingdom.


- Manzo (Bari Got Flava), Italy
- Tba
- Tba

- Darootz (Last Alive), Italy

FREE entry with the formula:

It is necessary to bring a bag of food or clothes for entry to the event, at the discretion of the participants. All proceeds will be donated to humanitarian aid associations.

*Event is constantly being updated, so the program may be subject to change.
August 30, 2019 (15:00) - Aug 30, 2019 (00:00)
- Renato (Licence To Chill), Italy
- Eka (Wired Monkeys / No Easy Props) Italy
- Muzzle (Bari Got Flava), Italy

High Road Leytonstone 640, London, United Kingdom

Bboy Event Team