GLG (Get the Litefeet Goin) 2019 poster
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GLG (Get the Litefeet Goin) 2019

Florida Lite feet has been growing and people have been wanting more of the lite feet feel down here in Florida. A lot has taken the classes and workshops already and now want to see what the battle area looks and feels like. So to continue the growth of litefeet here in Florida, V3 decided to throw its own litefeet tournament! This event is mainly for the ones who has been trying to make their way into the lite feet scene and get more comfortable with it, so all competitors will be dancers who are more so fresh or new to the style. so no hardcore litefeet heads will compete, everyone will practically be around the same level. So let's all get together an
October 13, 2019 (17:00) - October 13, 2019 (22:00)
*Buckwheat (LD)
*Mjay Hyp3 (Mjay Hype)
*K-sole (Keister)
*Dock Lock (Nelson)

East Vine Street 1341, Kissimmee, United States

Bboy Event Team