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Heroes Rise: Legacy 2019

Back at it again! Year 6!!!
Heroes Rise is Cincinnati's no 1. Street Dance event giving opportunities to local dancers to compete against talent from around the country.

So grateful for the support over the years from the street dance community.

This year our tagline is LEGACY. remembering whats been done, appreciating what were doing and planning for what will be done in the future.
Thank you all for having joined us on the ride so far.


Big shouts out to Elementz for major sponsorship and adding Heroes to the Thrive series. Also special thanks to Topcats and Redbull for venue and prizes.

Entry - All Ages!!


Prepay on Venmo or CashApp

Names will go on a list.
Make sure to put yo your full name in the description. We WILL check ID to verify.

ages 15 and under FREE

THE BATTLES (free to compete)

All-styles 1v1
Popping Cypher
Bboy Cypher


Over $1000 in cash plus Heroes and Redbull gear prizes.

top 4 All styles competitors get paid.

Cypher battles $150 each plus gear

JUDGES (They have all won a heroes Battle)

Seoul -Gr/IN
Madd Scientist - Louisville
Soul - Det/Lv


Druskii - Cincinnati
Apryl Reign - Cincinnati

Special Performances
September 28, 2019 (15:00) - September 28, 2019 (21:00)

Vine Street 2028, Cincinnati, United States

Bboy Event Team